Case Study: MTL's Path to Boosting Operational Profit Margins with Elevated Signals
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Case Study: MTL's Path to Boosting Operational Profit Margins with Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals
Elevated Signals

Ready to level up your cannabis inventory management? Let's talk about how we can help streamline your operations and improve your cannabis profit margins.


🌿 Improved cannabis profit margins: Elevated Signals software enhanced operational efficiency, quality control, compliance, and inventory management, reducing costs and boosting profit margins.

🌿 85% faster CTS reports: Elevated Signals significantly sped up CTS reporting, improving overall productivity.

🌿 Seamless scaling:  Elevated Signals supported MTL Cannabis in diversifying products and expanding operations seamlessly.

🌿 Precise forecasting: The software provided real-time data access, enabling accurate harvest forecasting and long-term planning.

🌿 Enhanced inventory accuracy: Cannabis inventory software centralized tracking, ensuring complete traceability and precise gram accounting.

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Credit: MTL Cannabis

About MTL Cannabis' Journey

In 2017, brothers Rich and Mitch Clement founded MTL Cannabis with a clear mission - to be a trailblazing "flower first" company that brings the essence of modern street cannabis culture to Canada. 

What started as a modest venture has evolved into a thriving cannabis enterprise, boasting 14 grow rooms in their Pointe-Claire facility and an additional 60,000 sq ft space in Louisville, Quebec. 

MTL Cannabis proudly offers three flagship brands, MTL Cannabis, R’Belle in Quebec and LowKey, throughout the rest of Canada, and is known for producing top-tier dried cannabis, pre-rolls, and hash.  

The Situation

Initially, MTL Cannabis engaged in business-to-business bulk cannabis sales. However, as the company expanded its product range to include retail packaging of dried cannabis, pre-rolls, and hash, it found that managing inventory was becoming increasingly complex. The existing inventory system, a mix of outdated seed-to-sale software and manual spreadsheets, struggled to keep pace. 

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MTL Cannabis' Product Expansion and Inventory Challenges

The team grappled with frequent mistakes throughout the production process, and as a result, they had to dedicate substantial time to troubleshooting errors. Discrepancies between their legacy software and spreadsheets compounded the problem, further eroding operational efficiency. Jennifer Kido, Project Manager at MTL Cannabis, succinctly summarized the challenge, stating, "It's hard to be accurate when you don't have the right software in place."

With surging demand and impending expansion, the need for a modern, flexible, and user-friendly solution became evident.

Mike Lubarsky, President at MTL Cannabis, stressed, "The main reason we decided to switch to Elevated Signals was the expansion of MTL Cannabis. We needed something more robust, more scalable, and easy to use that would allow us to grow."

The Solution

Elevated Signals: The Ideal Solution for Cannabis Inventory Management

Elevated Signals, highly recommended by peers in the cannabis industry, emerged as the solution to MTL Cannabis' inventory management challenges. 

Elevated Signals' manufacturing software is a game-changer for cannabis producers. It revolutionizes inventory management, enhancing cannabis production by providing real-time operational data and bolstering productivity and profitability.

The software provided MTL Cannabis with the tools necessary to take command of its cannabis inventory management. It enabled real-time monitoring of stock levels, precise tracking of product batches, and more informed decision-making regarding production, sales, and distribution.

Equipped with granular visibility into their inventory, the team can now accurately forecast the utilization of their forthcoming harvests. This enhanced planning capability ensures they can efficiently align their production efforts with anticipated demand in the upcoming days and months.

The software ensures that the inputted data is right the first time and prevents small mistakes from escalating into larger issues. Anna Vallinakis, Production Administrator, emphasized the benefits, stating, "Elevated Signals improved inventory accuracy by being able to track almost to the last gram." 

Transitioning to the software significantly expedited CTS reporting. Jennifer Kido noted,

"Before Elevated Signals, it took multiple spreadsheets and departments to compile CTS reports. In Elevated Signals, it's all in one spot, taking 1/8th of the time to complete the CTS report every month." 

Elevated Signals' simple and intuitive navigation streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency. During the onboarding process, MTL Cannabis felt supported, with the Elevated Signals team demonstrating a genuine commitment to their success. 

Scaling the business became feasible with Elevated Signals.

“Elevated Signals has been a very positive experience for MTL Cannabis. It’s helped us streamline our business, made us more cost-effective and helped us improve our cannabis profit margins,” explains Mike Lubarsky. 

The Success 

Improved cannabis profit margins: Elevated Signals software boosted operational efficiency, enhanced quality control, ensured compliance, streamlined inventory management, and cut costs, collectively driving an increase in cannabis profit margins.
CTS reports completed 85% faster: ​​Elevated Signals significantly reduced the time required for CTS reporting, enhancing overall productivity.
Seamless scaling: Elevated Signals' adaptability has been instrumental in seamlessly supporting MTL Cannabis’ scaling efforts, which encompassed diversifying into more intricate products and increasing their operational square footage.
Precise forecasting: By accurately tracking data and making it accessible to all departments in real-time, the software empowered the business to forecast harvests, and plan for the present and the months ahead.
Enhanced inventory accuracy: The cannabis inventory management software centralized inventory, enabled complete traceability, prevented errors from snowballing, and enhanced accuracy, ensuring every gram is now accounted for.

Looking for a cannabis seed-to-sale platform or cannabis ERP to help you manage your production inventory? Learn how Elevated Signals’ cannabis manufacturing software can help you on your path to profitability. Book a demo today 😎.