Origine Nature gets visibility into production inventory
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Case Study: Giving Origine Nature immediate visibility into its production inventory

Elevated Signals
Elevated Signals

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“We’re much more productive and efficient using Elevated Signals than we were with our previous software. Less time is spent on paperwork, looking for production inventory in multiple spreadsheets, running between rooms and trying to correct errors. We’re releasing batches much faster and keeping costs down simultaneously.”
- Mathieu Laverdure, VP of Operations, Origine Nature

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🌿 Highlights 🌿

  • Immediate visibility into production inventory
  • Savings in time & money
  • Next-level customer support
  • Easy to scale
  • Remote capabilities

The Situation


Who are Origine Nature?

Origine Nature is a licensed cannabis producer based in the heart of the Laurentians in Quebec. Primarily selling to the SQDC, Origine’s expert team focuses on consistently growing high-quality flower.

Upgrading from out dated Seed-to-Sale Software

Before the team received its standard cultivation license in March 2020, it had committed to using a seed-to-sale platform developed for the medical cannabis market. “As soon as we started growing cannabis in our facility, we realized that this particular software was not a good fit for us,” said Mathieu Laverdure, VP of Operations at Origine Nature.

“Unfortunately, we had many issues with it from day one,” said Mathieu. The team found the seed-to-sale system challenging to use and navigate, and more often than not, the reported inventory amount and location were wrong! Any issues were met by a lack of customer support and long wait times for tickets to be fixed.

“We had to manually count our inventory and record it in our own separate spreadsheet system. We ended up with a lot of different spreadsheets but no visibility into where our product was. On top of this, we were doing all of our recordkeeping on pen and paper as the software didn’t support this part of our operation either. Releasing batches for sale was tedious and very time-consuming.”

“Ultimately, we realized we had to adapt our processes to fit their system. It couldn’t adapt to us; We were wasting too much time, effort and money trying to make the seed-to-sale software work. We had to find something that was more flexible, accurate and that we could trust.”

The Solution


Searching for new cannabis software

The team at Origine Nature started searching for an alternative to its seed-to-sale system and looked in detail at many other software platforms. “We were very thorough with our search for a replacement as we didn’t want to make the same mistake twice,” said Mathieu. “Elevated Signals immediately stood out to us. After seeing a demo, the whole senior team - from finance to our master grower - agreed it was exactly what we needed.”

Elevated Signals is a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed specifically for licensed cannabis producers. The software covers all aspects of a seed-to-sale, but also much more, streamlining data collection for inventory management, quality control recordkeeping and environmentals into one customizable platform.

For Origine Nature, implementing Elevated Signals brought significant improvements from day one. “Right away, we had accurate inventory data in one place, we could remove our old system and all of our supporting spreadsheets,” said Mathieu.

“The biggest difference between the two systems was the flexibility of Elevated Signals. We were able to customize Elevated to match our exact workflows and processes. It makes our reporting so much more efficient and our team more productive.”

“On top of this, I can now work from anywhere. With our old system, if I needed to destroy a plant, I had to physically be at the facility and have access to the scan gun, printer and plant tags - this meant a lot of wasted time between the grow room and my office, for me and all my staff. I can now do all  this remotely, and it’s a game-changer for me.”

The software design is easy to use, and production staff make much fewer entry errors. “I don’t need to file a support ticket to fix any errors. I can manage the data myself.” The Origine Nature team was able to replace all of its different inventory spreadsheets, and now the operations, quality, and finance departments are using the same consistent data to understand what is happening at the facility, make unified operating decisions, and boost communication between their teams.  

Most importantly, Mathieu has complete trust in the team at Elevated Signals. “The implementation of the software was very smooth. I was worried, it was a big change for us, but the customer success team did a great job.”

With plans to double the size of the facility in the coming months, this is extremely important to Mathieu. “I have 100% confidence that, when we scale or have a new room ready, it will be straightforward with Elevated Signals and that their team will be on standby to support us if we need it. As we expand our operation, we’ll be bringing in additional software, and we’re excited to use the integration between Elevated Signals and Isolocity’s Quality Management Software (QMS).”

“We are so glad we got rid of our previous seed-to-sale system. Elevated Signals is a night and day comparison.”
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The Success


Immediate visibility into production inventory
The team could immediately replace all of their disconnected inventory spreadsheets, and centralize all inventory into one system. The operations, quality, and finance departments are using the same consistent data to understand where and what status inventory is in at facility, make unified operating decisions, and boost communication between teams.
Savings in time & money
“We’re much more productive and efficient using Elevated Signals than we were with our old software provider. The team isn’t constantly searching for paperwork, or running between rooms and trying to correct errors. We’re releasing batches much faster and keeping costs down simultaneously.”
Next-level customer support
“The support we’ve received from the team at Elevated Signals is on another level compared to our previous software provider. From switching us off our old system to onboarding and ongoing training, they have been excellent, and we have 100% trust in them.”
Easy to scale
“We plan to double the size of our facility in the next few months, and I have every confidence that the software will be able to support this, and the Elevated Signals team will be available if we need them.”
Remote capabilities
“With Elevated Signals, I'm no longer required to be in the facility daily running around with a scan gun and printing labels - I can work from anywhere.”

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