Case study: Automating Organnicraft’s daily record keeping
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Case study: Automating Organnicraft’s daily record keeping

Elevated Signals
Elevated Signals

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TL;DR - By implementing Elevated Signals’ software, the team at Organnicraft were able to automate their daily record keeping, removing the compliance & paperwork burden. Highlights:

  • Big savings in time and money
  • Seamless switching, support and training
  • User-friendly system so the whole team is comfortable

You can download the full story here, or check out the full story below ☺️.

“Licensed Producers take note. Elevated Signals is the future of cannabis management software. We made the switch to their platform a few months ago and haven’t looked back - the system is amazing and the team is top notch.”
Paul Brownfield, QAP, Organnicraft

The Situation

Identifying the need for an efficient record keeping system

Organnicraft is a Licensed Micro-Cultivator based out of the Okanagan Valley, BC. Focused on setting the Canadian craft cannabis bar as high as possible, the team constantly receives rave reviews for its products.

Before it was granted its license, the team at Organnicraft had signed a one year contract with a seed-to-sale platform. Unfortunately, once licensed, the team quickly realized that the system didn’t meet their production needs:

“The old platform was slow, complicated and wasn’t at all customizable, meaning we were forced to follow compliance their way, even though it didn’t match our operational processes,” said Paul Brownfield, QAP at Organnicraft.

As a result, the team never felt particularly confident with their record keeping and struggled to stay on top of their paperwork. They started to look for an alternative solution.

The Solution

“I asked around other micros, as well as friends in the industry and Elevated Signals’ name kept coming up” said Paul.

Elevated Signals is a software platform that combines inventory tracking, quality record keeping and environmental data into a single system, giving producers full visibility of their operations.

For Organnicraft, a key feature of Elevated Signals is the customizable form builder which enables producers to create bespoke forms that match their facility’s processes and unique SOPs. There are a number of template GxP forms available, or they can be created from scratch.

Spending less time on record keeping with digital forms

Elevated Signals also makes filing quality records with their respective batches much quicker, giving Paul more time to help out in other areas of the facility, “As a QA, I'm no longer glued to my computer everyday, so I'm able to help out with production, cleaning, harvesting and processing, rather than just sitting doing entries or catching up on paperwork.”

“There was one word that stuck with me on my QA course at school and that was contemporaneous - doing your paperwork while the job is being done. It’s something I could never do with our old system, but Elevated Signals has allowed me to stay on top of everything, and feel relaxed about compliance at the same time.”

“The software is user-friendly and customizable which means we can create forms and reports that are custom to our facility’s processes - this is so valuable for me as a QA, I’m no longer glued to my computer and can easily stay on top of all of our paperwork.”

The Success

Savings in time and money: According to Organnicraft, the automation of daily record keeping and the batch binder building that Elevated Signals enables is “saving us time and lots of money, especially as we expand and scale.”
User-friendly: During one harvest, Paul set the rest of the team up on Elevated Signals, and it was a breeze, “I spent 30 seconds showing them what to do and they were able to complete the whole harvest essentially without me! It is a testament to the beauty and the simplicity of what Elevated Signals does for you.”
Seamless switching, support and training: Moving off the old Seed-to-Sale software and on to Elevated Signals was seamless, “changing providers was so smooth, I was in regular contact with the customer success team who were very easy to learn from, making understanding the system simple.”
“Elevated Signals has definitely saved us a lot of time and money, and will continue to do so as we scale. We’re very thankful that we found them!”

You can download the full case study here.