Cannabis software can help you speed up CTS reporting
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Four quick ways to speed up your monthly CTS reporting

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Elevated Signals

If you are a cannabis producer of any license type, you are required to provide Health Canada with a monthly Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) report for compliance.

What is Health Canada's CTS report?

The CTS report gives Health Canada a high-level overview of the manufacturing activities that happened during a given month; it demonstrates how much product you have at the beginning of the month, how much of that product was processed, and how much you netted out at the end of the month. It’s a mini snapshot of how cannabis is flowing through your facility.

Monthly CTS reporting continues to be a challenge for the majority of cannabis producers, who still track inventory in spreadsheets or outdated seed-to-sale software. In fact, most of the cannabis operators we talk to spend at least 30% of their time compiling their monthly CTS report!

We find that producers often struggle with pulling all this information together quickly. So here are four tips from us to help speed up the process:

  1. Keep notes on your propagations by batch. Things to include are the total number of clones, the batch you designated them to, and the date. If you kill any clones, make a note of this. This number needs to be accounted for in the destruction of vegetative plants. Remember, you sent them to a destruction lot, that’s why they matter!
  2. Create a baseline for your drying weight loss. We see loss hovering around 75%. If you’ve had a drying process spanning between two reporting periods, you can estimate the loss under the fresh cannabis column.
  3. Use the worksheet to prepare the CTS report. It will help you generate the final CSV to upload to the CTS reporting portal.
  4. It’s classified as ‘Fresh Cannabis’ after harvest and only considered ‘Dried Cannabis’ after your drying is complete. If you do a dry trim and curing process, it’s considered Fresh Cannabis, and destruction should be accounted as Fresh Cannabis until the curing process is complete.

Hopefully, the above points will help you complete your CTS report more effectively. By far the best way to speed up CTS reporting is by using modern cannabis manufacturing software like Elevated Signals. If you’d like to know more about how Elevated Signals can help streamline month-end reporting, check out this blog, or get in touch to schedule a demo!