Case study: Saving Tantalus Labs $1.3m

This is the story of how we saved Tantalus Labs $1.3m by removing the need for it to develop its own in-house system.

Case study: Saving Tantalus Labs $1.3m
Tantalus Labs x Elevated Signals

TL;DR - This is the story of how we saved Tantalus Labs $1.3m by removing the need for it to develop its own in-house system. Here are the key results:

  • Minimum of 18 hours saved per employee, per week
  • Batch release 40x faster
  • $1.3m saved by not developing an in-house system
  • Real time access to batch records for successful inspections
“If you’re not with Elevated Signals your enterprise is at a material disadvantage”
Dan Sutton, CEO, Tantalus Labs

You can read the full story here, or the edited highlights below:

The Situation

Tantalus Labs is a licensed cannabis producer based in British Columbia. The SunLab, its 75,000 sq.ft greenhouse in Maple Ridge, is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of cultivating cannabis.

Recognizing the inefficiencies of paper-based systems, the Tantalus team were using a combination of digital tools to manage their production processes, including a seed-to-sale software, project management applications, and Google Sheets.

The lack of integration between these tools kept production data siloed, so Tantalus developed its own batch reporting kit to reconcile tasks. However, the in-house system was expensive. The project required continuous maintenance and investments in development, which Tantalus estimated would cost over $270,000. In five years, this in-house system was projected to cost over $1,300,000.

The Solution

To develop a solution that met its requirements, Tantalus Labs collaborated with Elevated Signals to implement an electronic batch records (EBR) system. With EBR forms that controlled data input for quality compliance, data collection accuracy was improved. Records could also be completed quickly with digital signatures enabling remote sign-offs.

Now that all production data was fully digitized and organized into one secure source, batch records could also be updated in real time. This gave the Tantalus team visibility across all of its production records and allowed them to pull inventory logs, quality compliance tasks, and any other necessary data quickly for Health Canada audits.

With Elevated Signals, all cultivation and processing data can now be integrated through an OAuth 2.0 API with other environmental control systems, non-cannabis inventory, and human resource planning software.

The Success

$1.3m Saved By Not Developing an In-House System: By not building its own in-house system, Tantalus Labs was able to save at least $1,300,000 in developmental costs in its first five years of operation.
A Minimum of 18 Hours Saved Per Employee, Per Week: With Elevated Signals, the time spent manually correlating production data with batch and room data was significantly reduced, saving each staff member at least 18 hours a week.
Batch Release is 40x Faster: Increased operational efficiency means batches can be released approximately 1-2 hours. This would take around 2-3 days if the team had to compile documents from different sources.
Real-time Access to Batch Records for Successful Inspections: Tantalus has passed several Health Canada batch inspections thanks to its central database of searchable production records.
“If you are an aspiring producer that is looking to reduce its QA labour load, I cannot say enough about Elevated Signals. They automate compliance with flexible process reporting 5 years ahead of the curve”
Dan Sutton, CEO, Tantalus Labs

You can read the full story here.