Who is picking the tunes in your facility?

What are the rules around having music in the grow room - and a playlist from our friends at Rubicon Organics!

Who is picking the tunes in your facility?

Working remotely or in an office, we have the luxury of being in control of our music. Many of us have been conditioned from years of education and studying into the night with our headphones on, listening to Nirvana or Dr. Dre. It's the way we prefer to work. But what if you couldn't listen to your music while you work? What if someone else was in control of the music that you listened to eight hours a day. For me, that would be a total nightmare - but it’s the reality for many working for an LP.

Someone once brought this up on the C-45 forum:

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How do you define smartphones at your facility? Are they grouped as other materials that cannot be easily sanitized but still brought into clean-processing rooms, such as pens, notebooks, forms, security keycards, locker key etc?

We know that some LPS ask their staff to keep their smartphones in plastic bags, which they sanitize the outside, before entering rooms—only allowing one earbud at a time secured by a wire under the cap and mask to avoid it popping out and falling into the processing room. Others do not allow personal devices at all and have chosen to take turns in 'educating' each other on their taste in music.

It would be great to know who is in charge of the music at your facility and the tunes that help your plants grow. Get in touch and maybe we’ll build a master playlist! In the meantime, here’s one from our friends at Simply Bare Organic: